Map & Directions

How to reach our hotel in Naxos

Please check our Map for directions from the port/airport to the our hotel in Naxos.
A quite convenient way to reach Finikas Hotel in Naxos is to request a private transfer. Please inform us and we will arrange a private transfer for you.
We also recommend a car rental, due to the fact that one can be more independent with the car and secondly because it’s definitely more convenient to discover the beaches and lovely hidden villages throughout Naxos.
We do applaud both these arrangements, due to the fact that the car or the driver is expecting you at the port/airport. Finally accepting any of the above options is easy because no deposit or Credit Card is needed, due to the fact that we guarantee it for you.
Please inform us if you are interested in a transfer or a car rental and we'll arrange everything prior to your arrival. For more info please contact us at
Overall, we want to take care, in advance, of all your needs or requests, in order to guarantee tranquility throughout your experience in Naxos!

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