Opening Hours: 13:00-19:00 Snack, 14:00-16:00 Lunch and 19:-22:00 Dinner
The outdoor hotel restaurant Avgi is the ideal place to revel in the island’s gastronomical treasures. 
Our talented and well-experienced chef prepares flavorful traditional dishes that will stimulate your tastebuds. Inspired by the local cuisine, he always uses fresh ingredients offered by the blessed land of Naxos and the Aegean Sea.
Choose delicious local dishes from the A la carte menu and surrender to unparalleled flavors. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner but there is also an All day menu available which can be served at the pool or at the beach.
Let the mesmerizing aroma of the local cuisine awaken your senses and surrender to flavors that will remain etched on your heart.
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Pyrgaki, Naxos
Cyclades, Greece, 84302
Tel: +30 2285075230
Fax: +30 2285025451
MHTE: 1144K014A0012001
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